Invoice Processing - Invoice Distribution Approval and Control

IDAC is Navigate Consulting’s standard product for invoice approval and control. It ensures your policies are followed and allows your correct invoices to be paid on time.  

IDAC’s user-friendly interface provides an excellent overview of all invoices, and users can perform all tasks from a simple user interface. It is built using the latest standard technology on top of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and can be tailored via standard configuration to meet our customers’ needs regarding user experience, compliance, and processes.

IDAC connects seamlessly to your instance of Oracle ERP Cloud

IDAC ensures your policies are followed and allows correct invoices to be paid on time

Major benefits:

Intelligent and efficient control

Automated handling of advanced compliance rules

Manage unmatched supplier invoices and invoice lines

Business scenarios where IDAC shines:

IDAC’s electronic routing and approval controls ensure your policies are followed and allow you to pay invoices on time.  


For more information on how IDAC and Navigate Consulting can provide value for your organization, please contact us today!