Oracle PaaS - Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is pivotal for organizations navigating the complexities of the digital era. Beyond its foundational role as a technological solution, it’s a strategic imperative aligning seamlessly with business strategies. This platform empowers innovation, fostering creative problem-solving and rapid solution development. With a focus on technology reliability, security, and availability, Oracle OCI is a bedrock, fortifying organizations against threats and positioning them for sustained growth. 

Data security is paramount, extending beyond compliance to reflect Oracle’s commitment to safeguarding precious resources. This holistic approach fosters a culture of collaboration, breaking down silos for enhanced productivity. Simultaneously, OCI ensures regulatory compliance, exceeding standards and building trust. Oracle OCI is more than an investment; it’s a strategic enabler, aligning seamlessly with business goals for transformative success.

Complete cloud infrastructure and platform for every workload

Analytics & BI

Oracle Analytics is a versatile platform offering ready-to-use services for diverse workloads and data sources, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments. Empowering business users, data engineers, and data scientists, it facilitates access to relevant data, aids in prediction evaluation, and enables swift decision-making. Covering the entire analytics process, from data ingestion to visualization and collaboration, Oracle Analytics integrates machine learning throughout, fostering a shift from data-driven to analytics-driven organizations. What sets it apart is the customizable balance between centralized, governed analytics and self-service analytics, providing a unique and tailored solution in the market.

Big Data, Data Lakes & Storage

Oracle’s Big Data Services redefine the landscape for data professionals, offering seamless management, cataloging, and processing of raw data. Elevating your capabilities, Oracle provides robust object storage and Hadoop-based data lakes for enduring data persistence, Spark for advanced processing, and flexible analysis options through Oracle Cloud SQL or your preferred analytical tools.

Unlocking the true potential of data, a data lake becomes a dynamic repository for structured, semistructured, and unstructured data of any format and scale. With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), building a secure, cost-effective, and easily manageable data lake becomes a reality. The integration of your data lake with OCI extends beyond mere storage, tightly aligning with your preferred data warehouses, analytics tools, and other OCI services such as data catalog, security, and observability. Elevate your data strategy with Oracle, where innovation meets efficiency in the heart of your data-driven journey.

Compute and VMware

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers agile, cost-effective compute solutions, spanning high-performance bare metal instances, versatile VMs, and serverless options. Seamlessly integrate VMware with OCI for a secure, predictable, and controlled cloud platform. Migrate VMware estates swiftly without changing tools or best practices, ensuring dedicated and isolated tenancy with OCI’s predictable performance and cost structure. With OCI, maintain complete administrative control, managing both cloud infrastructure and VMware consoles effortlessly. Elevate your compute strategy with Oracle – where flexibility, security, and control converge for optimal cloud performance.

Database Services

Oracle’s suite of database services and products provide customers with both cost-optimized and high-performance options for Oracle Database, the globally renowned converged, multi-model database management system. Additionally, offerings include in-memory, NoSQL, and MySQL databases. The innovative Oracle Autonomous Database, accessible on premises through Oracle Cloud@Customer or within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, empower customers to streamline relational database environments, significantly reducing management workloads.


Developer Services

Embrace the future of development on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), where a robust portfolio of tools and developer services empowers developers to build cutting-edge cloud-native applications, modernize existing solutions, and extend enterprise applications seamlessly. The transformative landscape of software design and development is exemplified on OCI, where managed and serverless cloud services, coupled with microservices, Kubernetes, functions, API management, and CI/CD capabilities, enables development teams to streamline focus and accelerate delivery.

Deliver mobile and web apps in minutes with push button releases and prebuilt adapters. Innovate faster using Oracle’s leading low and no code platform APEX. On OCI, customers effortlessly blend modern development patterns with the power of data and AI, ushering in the next generation of applications and ensuring future-proof innovation. It’s time to build the future on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Unlock seamless connectivity with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) integration services, linking diverse applications and data sources such as Salesforce, SAP, Shopify, Snowflake, and Workday. These integration services go beyond mere connections; they automate end-to-end processes and centralize management, providing a unified platform for efficient operations. With a rich array of integrations, featuring prebuilt adapters and low-code customization options, transitioning to the cloud becomes straightforward while optimizing hybrid and multicloud operations. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services redefine the integration landscape, offering simplicity, efficiency, and scalability for a connected and agile business ecosystem.

Machine Learning & AI

In the realm of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) converge to empower businesses with cutting-edge capabilities. OCI’s robust suite of ML and AI services facilitates the development, training, and deployment of intelligent models for diverse applications. From predictive analytics to natural language processing, OCI’s ML and AI services harness the power of data, enabling businesses to unlock valuable insights, automate processes, and drive innovation. With Oracle’s commitment to providing scalable and secure solutions, businesses can seamlessly integrate ML and AI into their workflows, transforming data into a strategic asset for future success in the cloud. Elevate your business with OCI Machine Learning and AI, where innovation meets intelligence for a data-driven future.


Navigate the future of networking with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), where a robust suite of products and services empowers customers to seamlessly manage and scale their networks. OCI’s networking and connectivity solutions offer secure access to customizable, isolated Virtual Cloud Networks (VCN), providing a foundation for scalable and efficient operations. Embrace cost-effectiveness with OCI’s economical data egress charges, ensuring that connectivity remains affordable. With granular access control over networking technologies, customers gain comprehensive connectivity solutions that span both physical and virtual networks, establishing a versatile and secure networking environment tailored to their specific needs. Elevate your networking capabilities with OCI, where control, scalability, and security converge for a connected and future-ready infrastructure.


Elevate your security posture with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Security, designed to empower organizations in mitigating the risk of security threats for their cloud workloads. OCI Security integrates simple, prescriptive, and comprehensive security capabilities directly into the platform, offering organizations an effective solution to seamlessly adopt and secure their cloud infrastructure, data, and applications. With Oracle’s commitment to robust security practices, customers can confidently navigate the cloud landscape, knowing that OCI Security is dedicated to minimizing vulnerabilities and safeguarding against evolving security threats. 

Handle access policies using a cloud-based service for single sign-on (SSO), strong password enforcement, and multifactor authentication (MFA). Partner with Navigate Consulting to setup a secure and resilient cloud environment, on top of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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